October 14th, 7pm

414 W. 13th Residence Garden Tour Our September tour was postponed to October to give the garden a little time to recover from the hurricane. Sarah and Rich Doty are a long time Heights couple who recently updated their garden. They have a variety of shade loving, low maintenance ground covers in the front yard. The side garden along their ally used to be a long grass strip. Now there is a winding path flanked with a “Pollinator Café. It was newly installed before the big freeze last winter and many plants froze to the ground, but it is full and lush now. And you have to see the way they turned their back path deck into a landing strip leading to the back door.

Last Event 8/15

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Ceramic/Glass Flower Garden Ornament Craft Event at the Heights Fire Station Fun and creativity abounded at our craft event this year. Participants brought ceramic and glass pieces collected from thrift stores, garage sales, or the back of their own cupboards to make flower garden ornaments. The garden club provided the glue, paint and babbles for decoration, and conduit and salt shakers for mounting their creations in the garden. We can't wait to make a bouquet of these everblooming flowers.

September Yard of the Month

spring%20house_247x185.jpg 204 E. 25th St. When Sasha and Lance Grover began considering the design of their yard, they wanted to make sure they incorporated a lot of color and flowers, similar to that of an English cottage garden. Ravenscourt Landscaping and Design helped narrow their focus on plants that would be resilient to the Texas heat, while still achieving the lush “secret garden” aesthetic they desired. They have enjoyed watching the butterflies flutter around the Echinacea and always have quite a few bees enjoying the African basil. One of their favorite parts of the project is the vertical garden that hangs on the fence. Ravenscourt designed and built the structure, and the Grovers have been using it for herbs, peppers, and smaller flowers. They also really like the vines that were placed between their back deck and carport. Sasha and Lance say the landscaping that was designed and installed by Ravenscourt has really put the finishing touch on their house.

We would like to thank Joshua's Native Plants for this month’s Yard-of-the-Month gift certificate.

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