August 15th, 7pm

Ceramic/Glass Flower Garden Ornament Craft at the Heights Firestation on Yale and 12th St. We are very excited about our craft event this year. This Link has plenty of examples for inspiration and ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Start collecting the plateware for your flower from garage sales, thrift stores, or maybe the back of your own cupboard, 3 to 5 pieces only. Be sure to bring a center piece for your flower - this can be a shot glass or small votive. If you have a cardboard box you would like to bring to carry your flower home while the glue sets securely, bring that as well. We will provide: Salt shaker to place on back of your flower and conduit pipe (which makes the stand), and glue, paint pens, and some beads and small stones for decoration. If you have decorative stones and beads you would like to use on your flower that matches your color scheme, bring those as well. This is a RSVP only event. In order to have enough material on hand, we require a head count. Please RSVP through the contact page by Aug 12th. No one under the age of 12, please. There will be sandwiches, assorted snacks and beverages.

Last Event 7/8

Slideshow 2! Example 4: Ken Burns extension
519 Bayland Residence Garden tour Richard and Carolyn Hall describe themselves a frustrated farmers trapped in a central city environment and trying to make the best of it. Under the shade of live oaks in the front yard they made larger landscaped beds for shade loving plants – azaleas, gardenias, camellias, ferns, aspidistra, etc.) while the back and side yards with more sun are utilized to grow vegetables and herbs and also using pots to follow the sun where necessary. They are also believers in composting and rainwater collection so we saw examples of that around the yard. At present their livestock consists of only hens, but in the past they have raised rabbits, a turkey, beneficial snakes, doves, and more. Their next addtion will be a honey bee hive.

July Yard of the Month

spring%20house_247x185.jpg 702 E. 13th St. - Christine and Larry Stuart have lived in the Heights for almost twenty years, previously in houses with shady and small yards. So when they had the chance to design and build a house with a spacious, sunny front yard, they opted for lots of color and variety. After years of planning, the Stuarts completed construction and landscaping of their house in August 2016. They worked with Heights architects McIntyre and Robinowitz to design a home that integrated indoor and outdoor spaces, with the front yard leading to a decorative gate that opens into a courtyard. Danny McNair and Amy Winstead of Glauser McNair recommended flowering trees and perennials native to Texas to serve as a base for their yard, with room to add additional seasonal plantings in the beds during the year. The family grows herbs and fruit on the side of the house and has plans to add vegetable beds behind the home in coming years..

Larry spent years as a child trying (unsuccessfully) to avoid lawn mowing duties. As an adult, he has come to appreciate the meditative qualities of gardening, and the joy of satisfying Christine’s love of flowers and color. The yard includes flowering native Texas trees such as Retama, Texas Mountain Laurel, and Possum Haw Holly, as well as perennials like Salvia, Rudbeckia, Purple Cone Flower, Strawberry Bush, and Guaro, among others, plus colorful annuals and flowering long bean vines on the front fence. Boulders in the yard provide spots for the family and its cat to sit and watch the butterflies and bees and listen to the birds. Use of select native grasses and Zoysia lawn created a green space with the feeling of movement, and, best of all, no mowing!

We would like to thank Joshua's Native Plants for this month’s Yard-of-the-Month gift certificate.

Send nominations for Yard-of-the-Month to us on our contact page.

Latest Gardening Project

IndexPhotos/ecologyclub.jpgHeights Boulevard Entrance Garden This past May the garden club updated the entrance garden trimming back the lantana, replacing the Mexican Mint Marigold with coral drift roses, blue salvia and blue daze; and mulching to hold down the inevitable weeds. Hopefully it will make a colorful splash over the summer. Thank you to Jeb with Landscape Innovations for digging out the mint marigold and to all our volunteers for helping to make the entrance garden a more welcoming space.