Next Event - 8/7

Plant and Seed Swap/Meet and Greet Too beat the heat in August, we are moving out normal Saturday morning meeting to Thursday evening, August 7th, from 7:00-8:30pm. We will have a Meet and Greet with a seed and plant swap at the Heights Firestation, at the corner of Yale and 12th St. Renovation will be taking place on the parking lot so there will be no parking except on Heights Blvd. or across the street at the parking lot caddy corner from the Firestation and across from Milroy Park. Someone will be there in front of the building to help unload any plants from your car, then you can go park.

There will be lite refreshments with beer and wine. We will have Door Prizes and of course, the swapping of plants and seeds. If you can, please bring a few plants or collected seeds from your garden to share. Start your cuttings now to insure root growth. Place your seeds in an envelope or plastic bag with a description and if you like, instructions on when to plant. But please don't hesitate to come even if you have nothing to contribute as there will be plenty of goodies to go around. The last few years we have had many freezes, and folks are especially looking for those hardy plants that come back or did not freeze at all. This will be fun and what a great way to share what you like in your garden with others. It doesn't matter if you are a beginning gardener or an expert; we are just fun, friendly folks who love to garden. As ever, our meetings are free and open to all.

Upcoming Events

Zone 9 Tropicals - 1015 Arlington Our September meeting will be back at our usual day (2nd Saturday - 9/13) and time (10am). Zone 9 is a special resource for tropical and tropical looking plants and it's right here in the Heights.

Last Event - 7/12

Slideshow 2! Example 4: Ken Burns extension
Melancon residence - 721 Algregg: Welcome to the eclectic garden of Dee and Mel Melancon.  A few years back, they were able to acquire an additional 2,500 sq. ft. lot next door to their residence and Dee went to work.  For last several years Mother Nature has thrown some challenges to our Houston gardens with many freezes and this has caused their garden to change many times, starting out very tropical, with several types of palms and hibiscus, to its current design.  You will also find dedicated veggie boxes, a covered pergola and several fountains.

Did you know?

IndexPhotos/entrance1.jpgHeights Boulevard Entrance Garden You may have noticed that the Heights Boulevard entrance garden has been changed up for summer with perennials that can take the heat. We want to thank Ravenscourt Landscaping for the garden design and change to drip irrigation. We would also like to thank Donna Buchanan for contributing plants and fertilizer. And lastly we want to thank our volunteers without which anything will happen at all.