Next Event - 11/8

Mason residence patio garden at 125 E. 2nd St. at 10AM Duston Mason will speak to us about incorporating native plants into our garden for the purpose of contributing to a healthier ecology and demonstrate how even a limited space can accommodate natives with his roof top garden. Duston says that he uses an approach described in this book: Insects and Garden: In Pursuit of a Garden Ecology and will share many insights gained about container gardening since moving into his current home. As always, our meetings are open to all and free.

Upcoming Events

Harvest Potluck - Wednesday, Nov. 12th at 7PM The garden club will be hosting a Harvest Potluck and Meet-and-Greet at Heights Firestation beginning at 7pm. Please bring a vegetable dish (from your garden, if possible) or dessert to share. Turkey, brisket, pumpkin pie, beer, wine, and water will be provided. Shawn Micheal of Ravenscourt Landscaping with give a short talk about winter garden protection - how to protect our plants, trees, and irrigation systems. Door prizes!

No December tour scheduled.

1/10 at 10am-noon: Field trip to Nature's Way Resources John Ferguson, the owner of Nature's Way Resources, will lead our tour. John is a soil scientist, the author of the book Organic Management for the Professional, and he is one of the pioneers of the composting industry in Texas. Those on the tour will get the inside scoop on how Nature's Way Resources makes their compost, mulches and soils from scratch. Additionally, John and his staff will show off several demonstration gardens and a new plant nursery that specializes in useful plants such as natives, heirlooms and edibles. Bring your gardening boots and get ready for an adventure! More details about carpooling soon.

Last Event - 10/11

Slideshow 2! Example 4: Ken Burns extension
Eskelson residence garden at 636 E. 12th St. October's garden tour was hosted by the Eskelsons residing at 636 E. 12th St. The colorful front yard and sidewalk vegetable garden featured on this double lot, have engaged neighbors and passerbys for many years, but the private backyard oasis is by invitation only. A few years ago the owner reclaimed her grown children's playground to create one for herself. She has been experimenting to find plants which will bloom in the many different types of shade created by a two-century old live oak which is on the Harris County tree registry of exceptional trees.

Did you know?

IndexPhotos/Seaweed.jpgMagic Elixir for Gardens - Seaweed! Through the webmistress's garden club friends, she has only just this past year discovered the wonderful benefits of applying seaweed extract to her garden. Seaweed is a great fertilizer, soil amendment and compost activator. Liquid seaweed can be found at many garden centers. It has two major applications: first, as a root stimulater for new and transplanted plants, and secondly as a foliar spray applied directly on the leaves. This miracle spray increases plants cold hardiness and helps with heat stress by strengthening a plants natural immune system. A healthier plant is less prone to insect and disease problems. It can help with powdery mildew, spidermites, and Blackspot. As a foliar spray, it can easily be applied with a hose end sprayer for big jobs, or a watering can for just a few plants or seedlings. For more information about the wonders and applications of seaweed extract see: Ravenscourt Gardens