Next Event - 5/9

Native Garden and Wildlife Habitat at 3232 Inwood Drive, 10am Brenda Pennington will be our guide for this 2 acre private native garden in the heart of River Oaks. Beginning in 2001, she and Thomas Collins of Urban Gardeners developed and have maintained this organic garden as a wildlife habitat. There are wooded areas; pond and stream; a pocket prairie; and large numbers of native shrubs, annuals and perennials. The wide variety of plants that thrive here provide visual interest year round and become magnificently colorful in the spring and fall seasons. The guided tour begins at 10am and will last approximately 1½ hours. Only a limited number of visitors can be accommodated on this tour, so RSVP at as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

Upcoming Events

Sun. 5/17, 9AM - Workday at Heights Boulevard Entrance Garden We welcome all volunteers to help weed, replace a few plants that have died, and spread mulch. We want to thank National Tree and Shrub for donating replacement plants and the mulch.

Sat. 5/9, 10AM - Sutter Home Garden at 456 W. 24th St.: Since 2006 Kay and Stacy have transformed a ho-hum landscape to a personal oasis by first removing an unused building and then by adding garden beds, decking, and a large koi pond. They love low care plants and lots of color that bring in the bees and butterflies. A few years ago they had an opportunity to take over the lot next door and are in the process of transforming that at well.

Thurs. 8/6, 7PM - Plant and Seed Swap and Meet and Greet Back by popular demand. Start collecting seeds, dividing bulbs and taking cuttings to share at this event.

Wed. 10/14, 7PM - Landscaping Expo More soon.

Last Event - 4/11

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Bee Garden at 1826 Columbia: At the April 11th meeting we visited Micki Fine and John Pavlicek’s bee garden at 1826 Columbia. The couple took the empty 50-by-132-foot lot next door to their home and created a pollinator refuge. Behind the painted periwinkle colored door bee balm, black-eyed Susans, coral honeysuckle, gaillardia, gayfeather (liatris), passion vine, winecup and zinnias flower during the spring and summer. Each morning, thousands of honeybees venture out from two bar top hives set up at the heart of the pollinator way station.

Latest Gardening Project

IndexPhotos/ecologyclub.jpgHeights Boulevard Rose Garden The Heights Garden Club would like to give two green thumbs up to everyone who turned out to help spruce up the rose garden on Heights Boulevard and 20th just before the home tour. The garden looks fabulous and the roses are blooming furiously.