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Cactus King at 7900 I-45 Field Trip! Cactus King is conveniently located north of the 610 Loop on I-45 North. They have an extensive nursery containing large landscape plants, hundreds of cactus species, tons of euphorbias, hybrid sansevierias, caudiciforms, and many other succulents families.Cactus King has a huge variety of xeriscape succulents including a diverse selection of large sized and rare specimens suited for the Gulf Coast region. From agaves to yuccas, cycads to barrel cactus, and a huge selection of euphorbias. They grow many species native to Texas, America, Mexico, South America, India and the Far East, and Africa. They also have many rare African and Madagascaran varieties not found anywhere else. Lyn, the owner, will be our tour guide and will be able to answer any questions you have. UPDATE: We will be meeting at the church parking lot at 15th and Heights Boulevard at 9:15 for those who would like to car pool or caravan. Please contact us thought the website if you would like a ride. We would like to arrive at Cactus King 15 minutes early, if possible. If you wish to buy anything, Cactus King only takes cash or checks.

Upcoming Events

Thursday July 14th 7pm, Weeding Party at the Rose Garden, Heights Boulevard and 20th***CANCELED*** Bring your favorite weeding tool and join your fellow gardeners as we spruce up the rose garden. Refreshments.

Wednesday August 10th 7pm, Hummingbird Feeder Craft Project at the Heights Firestation Save a small decorative bottle and join us in crafting a hummingbird feeder. Learn about how you can help feed hummingbirds during the upcoming fall migration. Refreshments and a door prize.

Saturday September 9th 10am 309 E. 13th St, Gottfried and Anne Schiller residence garden

Saturday October 8th 10am Last Organic Outpost at 711 N. Emile St.

Thursday November 10th 7pm Harvest Potluck at Heights Firestation

Saturday November 12th 10am 5411 Braeburn Drive (Meyerland), Toby Turner residence garden

December No meeting

Last Event - 6/11

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2434 White Oak Drive, Tirey gardens This unique terraced garden was the result of a drainage project that “got out of control” according to the owner. The site slopes unexpectedly to a picturesque untouched creek that drains into the canalized White Oak Bayou. Tiered beds of native and unusual plants guide you to the lowest terrace overlooking the creek. Planted with flood friendly plants, this space acts as a retention pond for the neighborhood. Two doors down we also visited the owner’s current residence garden. This modern garden with a pool also takes advantage of its creek-side location. Both gardens were thoughtfully designed by expert plantsman Will Fleming who was also on hand to answer all our questions.

July Yard of the Month

spring%20house_247x185.jpg 1232 Rutland Judd Hansen and Carolyn Atkinson have a love for tropical plants which you can tell by their beautiful yard. There are several varieties of plumeria with a plethera of bloom colors including a distinctive variegated one called pink maya. The plumerias all have their own unique fragrance as well. Other plants in the front yard include a bottle brush tree, pentas, a cigar plant, caladium and a purple potato vine. Because of all the birds, bees, and hummingbirds that visit the garden, Judd and Carolyn use no insecticides. They have a plant filled back yard as well with a small swimming pool and a koi pond that fit in naturally with more plumeria, fruit trees, several unusual plants including a bright orange flame plant with a deep purple wisteria peeping through the orange blooms. Plumbago covers the back fence with its sky blue blooms. Purple martin birdhouses, also along the back fence, are filled with babies learning to fly. We would like to thank Joshua’s Native Plants for donating a gift certificate for the July Yard of the Month.
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Latest Gardening Project

IndexPhotos/ecologyclub.jpgHeights Boulevard Entrance Garden This past May the garden club updated the entrance garden trimming back the lantana, replacing the Mexican Mint Marigold with coral drift roses, blue salvia and blue daze; and mulching to hold down the inevitable weeds. Hopefully it will make a colorful splash over the summer. Thank you to Jeb with Landscape Innovations for digging out the mint marigold and to all our volunteers for helping to make the entrance garden a more welcoming space.