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608 Peddie Street, David Morello home garden We will be touring David Morello’s garden of David Morello Garden Enterprises. You may have seen his beautiful garden featured in the March issue of Southern Living Magazine. The whole front garden is a colorful display of beautiful flowers and shrubs without a blade of grass in site! Boxwood, dwarf yaupon, and ivy define the different planting areas that contain beds of annuals and perennials that he changes throughout the seasons. His has designed over 200 gardens in the Houston area and has great advice on how to make your garden beautiful as well. Please join us for an extra special garden tour.

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Saturday June 11th 10am, 2434 White Oak Drive, Tirey garden This unique terraced garden was the result of a drainage project that “got out of control” according to the owner. The site slopes unexpectedly to a picturesque untouched creek that drains into the canalized White Oak Bayou. Tiered beds of native and unusual plants guide you to the lowest terrace overlooking the creek. Planted with flood friendly plants, this space acts as a retention pond for the neighborhood. This garden was thoughtfully designed by expert plantsman Will Fleming.

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802 West Cottage St, Hoefer home garden Lynne Hoefer's Norhill corner lot features native plants and trees with beds that spill blooms into the street. Lynne says, "With a garden focused on natives, there is always something blooming and something looking for pollen, nectar or berries. I plant not only for my enjoyment, but for the wildlife. My initial garden was a ligustrum hedge across the back fence, oleander and a sago Palm. The big pecan tree in back took a beating during Ike, the silver maple in front didn't fair well after a wind storm and the back yard grass was toasted during the drought. So I started over. Mike Anderson designed the backbones of the back yard. I pick up plants from a combination of plant trades, seed swaps, the great local plant sales (Mercer, Arboretum and Native Plant Society) and our great local nurseries (Joshuas, Buchanans and the Lowes sale rack). The birds also contribute plants, too. I enjoy working in the garden and finding a hole for that next plant. I welcome you to walk through and hope you enjoy."

May Yard of the Month

spring%20house_247x185.jpg 1243 Corlandt Steve Connolly and Yamileth Nicolau, recent transplants to the Houston area, have become stewards to a yard and garden full of blooming perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs here in the Heights. The garden is well taken care of with the help of Mark Anderson of Sienna Landscape. Bees are buzzing around many of the plants and lizards of all kinds scurrying across your path. On the side of driveway there are pink hydrangeas and a pretty Yesterday Today and Tomorrow. The front of the house has plantings that include a bright pink hibiscus, camellias, lantana, firecracker plant, vinca, a red bud and Duranta with many other blooming plants. There is a unique fountain designed by the late Rex Bass' a well-known artist in the Heights area. Welcome Steve and Yamileth to the Heights and thank you for sharing your beautiful garden. We want to thank Zone 9 Tropicals for donating a gift certificate for the May Yard of the Month.
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Latest Gardening Project

IndexPhotos/ecologyclub.jpgHeights Boulevard Rose Garden Master Consulting Rosarian Gaye Hammond met with the garden club to give us hands on pointers on rose pruning as well as gave us advice on how to care for the rose garden. Volunteers then went to work under Gaye's watchful eye. Gaye is a Past President of the Houston Rose Society, a life member and patron of the American Rose Society and serves on the Marketing and Planned Giving Committees of the national organization as well as an entertaining speaker and avid writer of more than 300 articles on roses. Her advice and guidance will be invaluable as we begin the much needed renovation of the rose garden.