Next Event - 9/13

Zone 9 Tropicals at 1015 Arlington Our next meeting will ge held 10am Saturday, September 13th at Zone 9 Tropicals, a retail nursery that specializes in rare and uncommon tropical and seimi-tropical plants. They are primarily a mail order nursery and also have frequent sales when they are open to the public, but because of the irregular hours you may have missed this great little gardening resource in the Heights. The owner, Wayne Dupont, will give a short talk on a variety of plants and their care and how they can be incorporated into your garden.Each attendee will receive a FREE plant chosen from a large assortment of plants during our tour. Also, there will be a sale this day of 20% off regular rpices on all plants in quarts and gallon/6" pots. You can visit their website at As always, our meetings are open to all and free.

Upcoming Events

10/11 at 10am: Eskelson residence garden - 636 E. 12th St. You may have seen the colorful front yard of October's garden tour, but now is your chance to also see the shady backyard garden under a century old live oak which is on the Harris County tree registry of exceptional trees.

10/2-10/4 Bulb and Plant Mart This year the River Oaks Garden Club's annual bulb market is being held at St. John the Devine, 2450 River Oaks Blvd. Arrive early for the best selections.

Last Event - 8/7

Slideshow 2! Example 4: Ken Burns extension
1st Annual Heights Garden Club Plant and Seep Swap and Meet and Greet. Thank you to everyone who came and made our first Annual Plant and Seed Swap a great success. We would also like to thank the contributors for our door prizes: Pam Dunker of Wabash for bringing a peach tree, Ken Cousino of Quality Feed for donating a $40 gift certificate and San Jacinto Environmental for donating a 40 lb. bag of Microlife. We would also like to thank Joshua Kornegay of Joshua’s Native Plants for bringing a flat of flowers to share. We hope everyone had a good time and came away with something special for their garden.

Did you know?

IndexPhotos/Seaweed.jpgMagic Elixir for Gardens - Seaweed! Through the webmistress's garden club friends, she has only just this past year discovered the wonderful benefits of applying seaweed extract to her garden. Seaweed is a great fertilizer, soil amendment and compost activator. Liquid seaweed can be found at many garden centers. It has two major applications: first, as a root stimulater for new and transplanted plants, and secondly as a foliar spray applied directly on the leaves. This miracle spray increases plants cold hardiness and helps with heat stress by strengthening a plants natural immune system. A healthier plant is less prone to insect and disease problems. It can help with powdery mildew, spidermites, and Blackspot. As a foliar spray, it can easily be applied with a hose end sprayer for big jobs, or a watering can for just a few plants or seedlings. For more information about the wonders and applications of seaweed extract see: Ravenscourt Gardens